Blogging…. something that seems to crop up more  & more in my day to day life, especially when it comes to researching for my next overlanding trip…. searching for images on the web, often linked to peoples blogs, which would then lead me to reading the blog in question, and eventually I thought “I wanna do this too…..”

So after much researching, this is what I’ve come up with, I’m completely new to this, half the time I don’t have a bloody clue what I’m doing in setting up this Blog, but hey, trial and error I guess, for  now…… Hopefully a pro in the making, with time……

And who exactly is setting up this blog and it’s proposed ramblings? My name is Alison, I live in Jo’burg, South Africa. I’ve always been a lover of the bush, photography and the great outdoors and due to some rather unfortunate incidences last year which I won’t bore you with, I ended up buying my overland vehicle, meeting the most amazing person,and I am now living my dream of being able to travel, discover and explore. This blog serves as a means to share with anyone who cares about deepest, darkest Africa, a (hopefully) quick reference for anyone wanting info on the various destinations this amazing continent has to offer, and a lot of which I still need to discover….. And for me to look back in time and be able to relive my adventures….

No I haven’t won the lottery, married a rich 85 year old or whored my way into being able to do this travel thing….. like most of the working class, we work, we save, we take leave and in my case, I pack the Pajero and find those off the beaten tracks that feature on my bucket list, and that’s where this blog shall be put to good use!


6 comments on “About

  1. Thanks for blogging! Just the right style for us to imagine ourselves doing what you’re doing. Great photographs too. Our next planned trip from the UK is 2016 so a little way off yet, but blogs such as yours are invaluable when researching places to go and things to do. Thanks again and long may your trips and blogging continue.

    • Hi John, thanks for reading 🙂 I’ve been a bit slack over the past few months with this, but will have a new blog up in a couple of days of our latest trip to Mana Pools in Zim. Hope you enjoy reading that one too and hope your trip is as amazing as ours always are.

  2. Hi Alison – your Mana Pools posting is an inspiration. We’re South Africans in California and do a big bush trip every year with our kids. Planning 6 weeks N-Zim next year (Hwange/Matusa/Mana/Kariba) and wanted to ask you some questions re Mana. Any chance you could ping me on the email address (which should come through with this message if WordPress is working). I wanted to ask you about Nyamepi and BBC. – Ralph

  3. I see from some of the pictures you found a hummer H1 in botswana, can you please send me some info where this is and if it is possible if it is for sale? my email is africalars at gmail.com

    • Hi Lars,

      The Hummer was for sale and if it wasn’t in such a remote, difficult to reach place, my other half would have bought it there and then. However it’s not in Botswana, it’s actually sitting in the far northern Zimbabwe, in a game reserve called Matusadona at the main office of the campsite which is called Tashinga. The road into the campsite was real 4×4 terrain, took us about 4 and a half hours to drive 67 kms. So the logistics of getting the Hummer out are a nightmare. My boyfriend who has a passion for cars would have offered them R5000.00 given the work needed, licencing/road worthy and more to the point, getting it out of Matusadona.

      Hope this helps 🙂

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