Welcome to my travel blog, my ramblings of my travels live here with the odd photo thrown in for good measure, ‘cos I’m sure you’re like me and love to visual what you’re actually reading about.

I’ve been a bit slack of late, hence the rather large gap since my last post so this is the start of a total revamp of my blog… Time for a new theme & layout and some new posts to be added.

About me…..  I live in South Africa, and do my level best to head off to the bush somewhere at least twice a year so I can clear the cobwebs, do some soul-searching and give myself a break from the humdrum of city life and the corporate world.

The majority of my ramblings take place in Botswana or Zimbabwe. I have a massive love for both these countries purely based on the fact that they are so uncommercialised, unlike South Africa where the chance of camping wild in an unfenced  wildlife reserve is pretty much zero.

My trusty Pajero takes us everywhere, although she has aged somewhat since I first started this blog, a bit like me I guess… 🙂

My camera gear in always within reach, and what you’ll find amongst these pages are hopefully some interesting reads, a decent photo or two, or maybe just a few minutes transported to another world over your coffee break at the office…






8 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for blogging! Just the right style for us to imagine ourselves doing what you’re doing. Great photographs too. Our next planned trip from the UK is 2016 so a little way off yet, but blogs such as yours are invaluable when researching places to go and things to do. Thanks again and long may your trips and blogging continue.

    1. Hi John, thanks for reading 🙂 I’ve been a bit slack over the past few months with this, but will have a new blog up in a couple of days of our latest trip to Mana Pools in Zim. Hope you enjoy reading that one too and hope your trip is as amazing as ours always are.

  2. Hi Alison – your Mana Pools posting is an inspiration. We’re South Africans in California and do a big bush trip every year with our kids. Planning 6 weeks N-Zim next year (Hwange/Matusa/Mana/Kariba) and wanted to ask you some questions re Mana. Any chance you could ping me on the email address (which should come through with this message if WordPress is working). I wanted to ask you about Nyamepi and BBC. – Ralph

  3. I see from some of the pictures you found a hummer H1 in botswana, can you please send me some info where this is and if it is possible if it is for sale? my email is africalars at gmail.com

    1. Hi Lars,

      The Hummer was for sale and if it wasn’t in such a remote, difficult to reach place, my other half would have bought it there and then. However it’s not in Botswana, it’s actually sitting in the far northern Zimbabwe, in a game reserve called Matusadona at the main office of the campsite which is called Tashinga. The road into the campsite was real 4×4 terrain, took us about 4 and a half hours to drive 67 kms. So the logistics of getting the Hummer out are a nightmare. My boyfriend who has a passion for cars would have offered them R5000.00 given the work needed, licencing/road worthy and more to the point, getting it out of Matusadona.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  4. Hi Alicat, Just wanted to say thank you for your marvelous blog and pics of your Mana Pools etc etc magical trip. After 25/30 years in SA , some in S America. some in UK, we are currently living here in beautiful Worcestershire’s rolling countryside…..but I still lust after the fantastic game park visits in Southern Africa, so finding a blog like yours has lifted my spirits. Thank you, and more power to you Pajero. Nigel.

    1. Hi Nigel, glad you enjoyed the read. Africa really is very special, I think once it’s in your blood, it never leaves. I’m actually so behind in my posts, so I’m glad you posted your comment ‘cos it’s reminded me to get my blog up to date with new travel tales and pics 🙂

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