3 sleeps to go……


It’s Sunday, our last weekend before we head off and its been a tad busy. AJ’s finished the drawer system, with one tiny hiccup earlier in the week where on completion we joyously hoisted the fridge onto the slide he’d built only to find the bracket was 3mm too short so the fridge wouldn’t fit. After much muttering of “stupid idiot’s” and the odd expletive, he managed to fix up the slight oversight and the fridge is now wedged into it’s allocated slot and running like a champ. So the final product, I have to say is pretty cool for a DIY job and which we’re both super impressed with, probably me more so than him as it seems to hold a hell of a lot more than I thought it would and…. more importantly…. it’s rattle free!! This statement may be edited on return once the cars done a few hundred km’s along those notoriously corrugated roads in the Kgalagadi. But we’ll remain optimistic for now 🙂

Rooftop tent is on and our good neighbours, who are veterans at this overlanding stuff, very kindly gave us a roll of silver lining, insulation type stuff which we’ve staple gunned to the bottom of the inside of the roof top tent in an attempt to keep us warm at night. The fact that SA seems to have been thrown into the deep end of summer overnight and we’re all basking in 30 deg before end of Aug is irrelevant. Cold weather and I are not particular good friends, so if this warm weather stays with us during our trip, I’m happy!

Majority of the food shopping was done this morning, thankfully we got there early and so managed to avoid the mid morning mayhem as it’s payday weekend for most of us. First in and first out….. I’ll leave the flustered, trolley-bashing parents with their screaming, whining children to it thank you very much.

So now it’s final touches and packing and we should be good to go come Wednesday. Oh and my  personal little oversight in this escapade was thinking for the past 8 months that we’re booked into our first campsite on Wed night… But on double checking booking info, nope, it’s Thursday, 30th. However, we’ll leave on Wednesday anyway and take a slow drive  West and overnight somewhere close to our first camp which is in the Mabuasehube area in Botswana. Excited…… yes, apprehensive…… always as we travel alone, but I know I travel with an exceptionally reliable car and with my own personal McGyver, so (touching wood furiously), should we get stuck anywhere, a plan shall be made……