Capturing the Kgalagadi

Prepping, prepping and more prepping……

So here we are, 8 days to departure. AJ, my darling other half, is still up to his eyeballs in aluminium sheeting, angle grinders and pop rivets, but my sense of panic that this “small” job won’t be finished in time is easing somewhat…. (typed whilst holding thumbs).

This “small” job is our drawer system for the back of the Pajero, a DIY job that, in my opinion, should have been started some 3 months ago with rough drawings, a scale model and a timing plan to the nth second for completion date. But that’s me, anally organized! I’m a list person, and will admit that the one time I didn’t pack using a list, the drive to holiday resort from airport involved a drive by Woolies to grab some knickers!!

However,  this “small” project in question is not my baby, but my other halves, something he’s been itching to do for ages, which is great, but to swing into action 4 weeks before departure date, knowing we’re heading off the beaten track and into the unknown traveling solo to the Kgalagadi and Mabuasehube does seem brave to say the least. But I’ve come to realise that his drawing room and design centre is in his head and operates very different to me, silently and calmly calculating every angle and degree and organising the mammoth task from within and slowly over the weeks his drawer system has taken shape and I can only but give this man a Bells, a bottle actually, for his efforts. Attention to detail 2nd to none, coming home from the office every evening and disappearing into the garage to carry on where he left off the night before and putting up with my nitpicking. Can’t have a drawer system that’s going to rattle and vibrate us to hell for 10 days now can we……… but he’s a perfectionist of note so I have every faith he’ll be done in time.

If not, I guess a strip or two of duct tape and a glass of wine will suffice and ease the situation. Watch this space!!

What has consumed AJ & the garage floor for the last 4 weeks!!

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